The autumn/fall color palette is my favorite shades of nature. The rich earth tones, the colors of the changing leaves. Autumn is the season where leaves start to fall off the trees, that is why Autumn is also called Fall. 

Days are getting shorter as night fall noticeably starts to arrive sooner.

Cooler temperatures are a welcome change along with the beginning of fall festivals, founders day celebrations and craft fairs going on every weekend leading up to Halloween.

I love this time of year as it seems to motivate me to get more crafty. I will share a few of my favorite fall projects. 

Fall Tree

I painted a Christmas tree with Brown and Gold Metallic spray paints (make sure to turn it over so you can coat the underside to hide all the green) Using floral picks, leaf picks, burlap garland, decoupage words made into ornaments, tiny glass ornament balls filled with fall ribbon and acorns hung to adorn my little fall tree.

Barnwood Scarecrow Greeter

Made from barnwood slats, handpainted facial details and sunflower pick to the hat makes for a fun fall door greeter.

Tipsy Topsy Pumpkin Planter

Tipsy Topsy Planter

The plastic pumpkins are readily available just about everywhere. I love the classic orange and black but they come in an array of colors with different facial expressions.

I used a nicely detailed tutorial to make mine and can be found on pinterest (birdsandblossoms).

I used a terra cotta pot and painted it black. Total cost was less than $10 and was completed in an hour.