I spend a large amount of my work day outside painting and sanding. I am always on the hunt to make my workspace (covered porch) as comfortable as the hot and humid Georgia weather will allow.

I would like to share with you this fabulous Friday two of my most favorite pest control items. 

Flies, wasps and other airborne irritants are a constant issue in the spring, summer and fall so when I found this tennis racket bug zapper at the awesome low price of $4.99 I snapped it up. Five dollars wasn’t a bad investment in case it did not work. I am pleased to say it not only worked but it is somewhat fun and great exercise. The large space of the racket is a lot easier to hit your target than a little fly swatter and the best part it handles the wasps and hornets that love to find their way onto the porch too.

My second favorite outdoor pest control item is the citronella plant (lovingly known as the mosquito plant). When I first purchased it I had no idea it would grow to a whopping 4 feet (I guess I should’ve read the care card that came with it) as I had to repot it twice. It smells great, is decorative and the best part it has kept the mosquitos away from the house and me. I actually bought this plant back in April and so far so good, 4 months and counting with zero mosquito problems.